Access Your Desktop Remotely


This article will teach you to:

  • Locate and download VMware View Client software
  • Install and configure VMware View Client software
  • Launch VMware View client software and connect to SUNY Old Westbury's View server

Please be aware that you cannot access your desktop remotely from campus, you can only access it from off campus.


  1. Open your web browser and go to the URL: (be sure to include https).
  2. Navigate to the correct client download for your Operating System and click on "View Download".
  3. Click the "Download" button.
  4. Click the "Run" button.
  5. The file download should begin, when it is completed it will launch automatically.
  6. Click the "Run" button on the "Internet Explorer - Security Warning" message box.
  7. The Installation Wizard for VMware View Client will now launch.
  8. Click the "Next >" button to continue.
  9. Click the radio button for "I accept the terms of the license agreement".
  10. Click the "Next >" button to continue.
  11. Click the "Next >" button to continue.
  12. The "Default Server" configuration screen will appear.
  13. In the Default View Connection Server text box enter:
  14. Configure Shortcuts
  15. Click "Install" button to begin installing the client.
  16. The VMware View Client will begin installation.
  17. Click "Finish" to exit the wizard.
  18. Click "Yes" to restart your computer (make sure all other applications are closed and any open files are saved)
  19. Click "VMware View Client" shortcut in Start Menu
  20. Click "Connect" button.
  21. Enter your OLDWESTBURY domain network username and password.
  22. Click "Login" button.


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